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The WordPress Community is one of the largest in the World. We specialise on the small business snteprenqurs who want a return on their website.

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Engaging and inspiring talks & workshops

Every Week we will look at a technical feature of WordPress that you may not know about and also a marketing idea to promote your website and business. Often these two speeches will have a connecting theme.

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Tactics to Grow

Let us offer new ideas and methods to market your business or club. Then we will show you how to implement.

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WordPress and Plugins are regularly updated. This offers new challenges and opportunities. Here is one

Find Inspiration

We will share insights, and look at what other poeple do and how you can copy their ideas. we run many websites ourselves and are always happy to share success and learn from the failuers.

Gain Knowledge

Understanding marketing with WordPress is a valuable skill the knowledge has a value for your business and your career.

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