Welcome to WP Business Club 2.0

We are launching a new service!

If you are a coach, trainer, mentor or expert, you are going to love this. If you are not you may still find it very valuable. We are setting up a new website to host ‘Experts Who Podcast’ In the past few years, we have found this to be very easy…   read me here

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The WP Business Club is run for Business Owners and consultants, who want to promote and sell their products and services online.  – We work on WordPress

WordPress is the most used content management system. It is open source and gives us the most flexible platform to find and develop tools to deliver the most effective online experience for you and your customers.
  1. It is our job to research, review and develop tools and techniques that work
  2. Deliver a proven solution with full training and support,
  3. Make your job of winning online easier, more effective and more profitable.

New Monthly Focus Timetable

Each week we introduce a subject we have recently researched for discussion. If it interests you, then join in the discussion. The aim is for you to be able to join us and implement the plan by the end of the week. The business case, analysis and tutorials are then archived for other members to review later.

Week One – Content Creation and Delivery

We look at how to make enticing content and how to deliver it in all those places your customers may be. This includes theme (website) design, social media pages and content. Read the latest Theme Design

Week Two – Marketing

We explore marketing techniques, sales funnels and tools that are being used today, and how to use them on your WordPress Site and social media. Read the latest marketing ideas

Week Three – Woocommerce

Using the most popular shopping cart plugin for WordPress. We will explore new ways to extend your capabilities. If you sell online, then this is for you. Read the latest Woocommerce news and information

We also have a dedicated Mastermind for people selling online via Woocommerce. Learn more about the WooCommerce Action Takers Group Here

Week Four – Teach, Train and Membership

If you want to teach people online, or have a special area just for members – either Free or Paid, then  Read more about tech and membership Sites here

We also have a dedicated Mastermind group for people supplying Mentor, Coach, Expert and Training services. This includes a unique software solution, built on WordPress and Hosted Just for you.

Week Five – When available – Special projects