9 Mistakes that will lose you followers

Many Studies show that people spend longer on social media than any other activity, including email. Like it, or loathe it, social media is now an integral part of life for many. it is the main platform onto which you can gain their attention. Most small businesses ad now trying to use social media, and have seen new customers generated from their activity. They are now on the quest for a better social media return. So, after working so heard to gain followers, here are the 9 main reasons why you will lose those followers.

So, after working so heard to gain followers, you don’t want to lose them. Here are the 9 main reasons why you will lose those followers.

  1. Stop Selling all the time.

People come for information and knowledge. So, don’t keep hitting them with special offers or discounts. You are giving away money to those that are ready to purchase and putting off those that are not yet ready.

Social media is just like dating. You don’t keep offering the ring. You have to woo first. People don’t want to have a conversation with a salesperson. They want advice and ideas from the expert. If you are only posting to take their order, then you are not giving any value and are not worth following.

2. Don’t Cover landing pages with popups and adverts

When people follow links to your pages, then give them a chance to read your content. Don’t constantly hit them with pop-ups and adverts. How can they engage with you when you keep interrupting them from consuming the content you took hours to produce.

3. Do not over post

I know you see marketing companies spamming out dozens of messages a day. They probably get paid by the post, but in the real world, this is a turn-off. People don’t want dozens of messages from you in their social media. They prefer just the one good article, rather than a dozen half thought out paragraphs.

True you may think that you need to keep reposting to break through the chatter, but think how your social media account looks if you have posted every 5 minutes with the same content. It looks needy at best. Spammy at worst and you will lose followers.

4. Do not overfill your feed with shares from others

Yes, you should share related content that is of good quality. Yes, you should make sure it is relevant and fits in with the style and aims of your content. Yes, you can include the odd humorous offering. No, don’t just keep filling your feed up with things you think are good.

5. Make sure you include a good amount of Original – self-written – content.

This social media feed is to promote you and your company. If you do not include content you have written and with your views, then why is anybody going to follow you. How are you going to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding if you do not contribute some content of your own? You can not influence and engage with customers unless you are producing the targetted content they need.

6. Have a strategy for your content

Don’t produce content on a whim, have a strategy. The underlying message we try to give is that you need to be producing content for your website – Your customers need to be engaged with you so that they have you most in mind when they decide to purchase. We hope that this advice and help to assist you in following that strategy will be that you will turn to use for information and training on the tools and methods to achieve it.

If your process is different from your competitors, then you can use a strategy to show where your process is better and slowly educate customers to see why you are better.

7. Do not spam the tags

Too often we find that people who are introduced to the concept of tagging start overusing it. Tags are a great way to highlight the subject of content for others to find. However, you need to ensure that the tags are valid for the content and that your posts are not just full of tags. Either of these mistakes will make people less likely to follow you, or to stop following you.

8. Do not ignore your followers

It is often suggested that etiquette says you should follow back everyone that follows you. You should consider following back those that may contribute, or for whom you could have a conversation. It shows you are interested in them too. However, if they rarely ever post about your subject area, then it is time to unfollow them.

9. Don’t constantly repost old content

Another big mistake that social media marketing companies seem to make all the time, is to overuse old content. Even when it’s past its useful date. Re-posting old content is good, especially when your content does not go out of date. Many savvy marketers will re-purpose old content and update the information before they share again. This is something we do, hence why we give the days since our content was updated, not when it was first created.