I have to confess that I have let some things go. The removal of the usual routine has not been a good chance for change.

This lockdown has been a good chance to reflection and learning those things I never had time to properly understand. However, it also gave a pause to look at what I was doing.

In the heat of business, it is easy to pick up bad habits. To be lazy in the name of efficiency. This has been a unique chance to stand back and look at things. Often I have found that there is a better way, but it takes time to make the change and this, at least, has given that time to resolve things.

Many companies are learning how to pivot, it is unlikely that things will ever be the same again. 

We have had the benefits of home working and changing the way we go to work shouted at us for more years than I care to imagine. This pandemic has forced us to confront such issues and make a change. Many leaders may consider the reduction in costs for smaller offices and large numbers of employees working from home, at least part of the week.  Employees have seen the possibility of home working and many have liked the lack of commuting and still being able to work.

The way businesses communicate has changed dramatically with the use of video conferencing.  We will not be stopping all social distancing for some time.

Websites will now have to change to support this new structure. There may be a greater need for intranets and self-service websites.  We were on the verge of the customised experience and this is now likely to accelerate.

Interesting things have been happening in the world of WordPress. I think many developers have already a distributed workforce structure, but innovation has also had a chance to take a step back and build some better technology.

Many changes are going to be driven by the new ways we create content. Actually the tools to create content were already there, but we are seeing changes in the way people want to communicate. Thanks to the increased use of video conferencing, we are seeing customers now wanting to create more of their content and deliver via voice and video.

I am hopeful that this lesson for continued education is a habit that will be retained and that under the pressure of more time and less money in the system, people are going to want to learn and do more themselves.

Could we be on the edge of another DIY Boom?  Services need to be available as Done for you, Done with you and Done by you. I think the latter is going to be bigger again.