Seriously? – You only need a squeeze page?

I am amazed by all these business coaches who tell everyone you don’t need a website, just a squeeze page! This is obviously a rubbish thing to say, but there is a reason why they say it. It would help their credibility if they actually admitted it. When starting out you do not need to spend thousands on…

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The evolution of Internet marketing

When the internet first started, it really was 1. Build it and they will come. The technology was hard and only a few understood it. So, if you had a clever enough team to build a website, that was all people needed as proof to buy from you. 2. Then came knowledge Once more people started to…

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Say Goodbye to most Facebook groups

Photo by Amine Rock Hoovr on Unsplash

You join Facebook groups for the community and the information that they provide, but there will come a time when you have picked up most of the knowledge they will give you. You will know this because the questions posted will be familiar and you will even have the answers yourself. Pay it forward and answer a…

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Email, GDPR and Unsubscribe

GDPR is the new elephant in the room when it comes to the data you collect from people while you are marketing.  Although it currently only applies to those marketing to people in the EU,  many other jurisdictions are considering similar legislation. The high value of the possible fines grab the attention. – In practice, there are…

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Custom links in the Menu

When you want to add an item to the menu, it depends what it is for how easy it is to add. You can add a page by simply choosing the page You can add a post, although it can be hard to find if not recent. You can add a category by choosing which…

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