Membership Sites

Facebook is killing your reach!

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Facebook tells us it is creating large communities online and encourages us to create personal pages, business pages and groups to communicate together. Facebook is really about monetizing the information we share with it by giving over 100 parameters that can be used for Advertisers to target the correct audience. The more targetted advertisers are, the hight…

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Would a training work for you

We are living in the information economy, the information age. Information is a valuable commodity. In the past, you learned a trade. Maybe you spent time as an apprentice or assistant of an expert master craftsman. You learned your skill over many years. If you have a hobby skill you learned this from classes and…

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What are membership sites?

Clubs and societies are a great place to like-minded people can join together. When you take such groups online and there are great opportunities for growth and also to provide more niche websites where people from all over the world can join together. There are many membership plug-ins which allow you to create a site…

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