Adding Two factor authentication to paypal 2018

Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

Paypal is a good, well known and trusted PayPal processor. I recommend new businesses use it to collect card payments because it is fair in its use, and being well known will increase people’s confidence in using it to pay you. To gain access to PayPal you only need your user email and password. Your username is…

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Having WordPress auto update? – How to turn on/off and why.

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

WordPress now has the ability to auto update the core software when a new release is out. This has been rather a controversial issue among developers, but the default state is now that your WordPress will update automatically. Why such a big issue? – We get countless windows updates, even Apple, Andriod and software companies like…

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Dont Trust your web host for email

Web hosting companies are not good at email. The argument is very simple. Your web host is setup to host websites. Hopefully, you are using a premium WordPress hosting service to deliver some quality WordPress hosting services. That still does not make them good at email. The average, no, every big web hosting service I…

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Lost Facebook shares when you went SSL ? – Oh dear!

Oh Dear!

Facebook sees the SSL and non-SSL versions of the same page as different. This means that page counts for shared pages seem to be lost. Your site should still redirect people to the new version of the page, but the Facebook link will be lost. However, there is a Facebook meta tag which describes the…

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Why does WordPress get hacked – is it safe? (spoiler: It is )

WordPress is an open source application. That means that hackers can pour over it looking for issues. Developers and others wishing to prove their worth also look for any way to break, write a fix  and then protect the system. There are many more WordPress developers than hackers. This probably makes it the most tested and…

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