Search Engine Optimisation

Do you give up so easily?

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

What you like at rejection. Online you are going to be rejected all the time. You need to learn why and what to do about it. You see somebody in a bar that you fancy. Assuming you have the courage to go and talk to them, you have a pretty high chance that you will…

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Lets Encrypt pass 100 million free ssl sites installs

Let’s Encrypt has reached a milestone: we’ve now issued more than 100,000,000 certificates. When Let’s Encrypt’s service first became available, less than 40% of page loads on the Web used HTTPS. It took the Web 20 years to get to that point. In the 19 months since we launched, encrypted page loads have gone up…

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Lost Facebook shares when you went SSL ? – Oh dear!

Oh Dear!

Facebook sees the SSL and non-SSL versions of the same page as different. This means that page counts for shared pages seem to be lost. Your site should still redirect people to the new version of the page, but the Facebook link will be lost. However, there is a Facebook meta tag which describes the…

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6 most required plugin / services for your site

This is a leader post. We will add links to reviews and more content as other posts are written. 1. Backup Plugin Whatever else you do, you need to have regular backups of your site to restore from any possible problems. From Hackers to server breakdowns. Firstly, look at what your hosting company provides. Do…

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WordPress Weekend – Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

This WordPress Weekend of fun is all about finding the elusive top positions with search engines. A subject we repeat two or three times a year. Good news, our strategy is simple to understand, and simple to do if you know your subject. Bad News, it takes time and dedication. it is a long term…

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