Where is your data (and backups)

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Here is a great game for the summer. Line up all your devices on a table; Desktop PC Laptops Ipad etc Mobile PHones External Drives Now get a very big Hammer. Where is your data? if you smashed any one of these items at random, what would you lose? The answer should be nothing, because everything…

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Adding Two factor authentication to paypal 2018

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Paypal is a good, well known and trusted PayPal processor. I recommend new businesses use it to collect card payments because it is fair in its use, and being well known will increase people’s confidence in using it to pay you. To gain access to PayPal you only need your user email and password. Your username is…

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Why your site must use SSL

Without SSL your login can be read as you type it! Client information from logins to forms to order info is all encrypted and safe. You can install SSL for FREE on all major recommended hosting plans Google Search Favours SSL sites, so your listing is improved. Your Login if you log in from mobile hotspots, you…

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Use VPN software to protect you on the move

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However big the data package for your mobile phone, we all like to take advantage of the convenience of local wireless hotspots at the coffee shop and elsewhere. However, are you sure of the quality of the wireless network? How secure is it? Is it even a proper network and not a fake one hosted one by a hacker?…

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Protect your website login with two factor authentication

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We are going to look into the method of two-factor authentication to further protect your website login from being compromised. One of the most fragile parts of WordPress and most other web applications in the login. It is often easy to work out the username for many systems because most will use your email address,…

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