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What is WordPress Gutenberg? – And why WordPress needs it.

Photo by Sharosh Rajasekher on Unsplash

We must preface by saying this is my own opinion and does not represent any views form WordPress, automatic, or other WordPress developers. To really understand the issue of Guttenberg we need to step back and look at the market around WordPress. Particularly from the point of view of run by automatic. In 2017 we…

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Quick start Generic Child Theme Setup

Assuming your main theme has been written properly and well coded, it is easy to set up a child theme. This will allow you to make many types of small changes to your website look and function, without having to do lots of re-coding of files or being concerned that your hard work will be…

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Images in Theme Design

To cover all the theme options for this subject we need to think about where you are starting from. You could be using a standard theme, even TwentySeventeen. You could have purchased a designer or build theme, maybe even DIVI, You could have a bespoke design made for you. You could be using a template…

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Are Multipurpose themes killing design?

Many of the theme design web sites are being dominated by a few big players with multi-purpose themes. Is this good for the market, and for customers. Let us start with the good points of multi purpose themes Their options offer customers lots of ideas for quick good looking themes. Web designers with little real coding…

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Add Adobe Fonts to your WordPress Theme

Adobe makes a wide range of premium fonts available to Adobe fonts or Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers. These include a wide range of fonts that can be used in the applications and web fonts that can be used on websites. To use the web fonts you must choose the fonts, put them in a collection and…

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