Crafting product announcements for better conversions.

Too many announcements for the latest release of WordPress 4.7 prompted a discussion in the office about how to craft a quality post on product releases.  In this post, we will look at why and how you can make your content more interesting and help you convert more enquiries or sales.

Dont tell them, show them.

The biggest mistake made in any post is to talk about the product or service directly.  You should be talking about the customer and their experiences.  Don’t make the mistake of being a ‘feature creature’,  an updated 500watt motor means nothing to me.  Instead, you need to talk about advantages to me and solutions to my problems that this motor allows.

Consider your target customer.  What are their needs and how much better will their world be when they have your product or services? Make a list of possible advantages to them. How their life will be easier, safer, more enjoyable. But, resist the temptation to use such words. Instead, you need to make the examples that demonstrate these words. Conjure up an image or a situation. Putting an image into a prospects minds is even more powerful than words. Help them imagine the product and how it is making their life better. You can see how the image of a 500watt motor does not help here. The image of a deeper carpet clean with your new cleaner does work. The quieter motor allows conversation while you clean – and now we added sound to the vision.

We have a list of features we want to highlight and the images and issues where those features will be shown. We now want to try and craft a story.  Again, we know that stories are much better followed, understood and remembered than simple facts. Within your story you can place your ‘visual images’ as scenes.

You may find that your features will not make sense applying to the same person in one situation, so add some more characters. If the story seems to become too complex, or you have difficulty in linking the scenes together in a smooth way, then consider having more than one article. You certainly don’t need to squeeze all the features into one. Indeed, your well-crafted content should allow you to make many more cases for a purchase. You do not need to mention all the features of the product in one go.

What will I write?

This post was started because of a five-minute conversation ‘by the teapot.’  Although not yet finished, we already have ideas for another three similar posts. Once you start using this method for creating your posts you will probably also find that new ideas come to you more easily. Every time I take a support call, or discuss an issue with a review of a WordPress Plugin, I find myself with a new story that I could craft into an article for the blog. Each time I visit business networking events, I always ask people I meet what they biggest problem with their website is.  Apart from the cost and it running slow, the next major issue is always not knowing what to write for content. If I ask a question about their product or service which they answer with an example, I have given them the subject of their next story. They also may be concerned about Facebook posts or Twitter, but this solution works well for both of these. You post the title of the issue, with a picture to your social media and link to the full article you have just written on your website. Note that my headings are often questions,  problems or challenges.

Now I can not guarantee an immediate response to this technique, I have no idea how many people will read your post, or even if the right people are even coming to your website. In fact, I will tell you that one good article will not be good enough. Most people, often by luck rather than judgement will produce one good article for their site. However, less than 10% will embark on a series and once we have a dozen of more your are moving towards the top 5%. When you start comparing with the competition you will find that many of these competitors will write half a dozen and then repeatedly tweet these. This lazy method fails after time because people see the repeated pattern and any connection to recent events, which would add immediacy to the post are lost.

Frequency is the other concern that people will fall foul of. The most important issue here is regular repeats. So it is better to produce one item every week for 10 weeks, rather than one a day for the first week and just 3 more over the next 2 months.

When it comes to search engines, which of course love new content, the regular post cycle also impresses over a deluge of posts and then silence for weeks. Google, Youtube, Twitter, are all full of accounts that produce half a dozen, even a dozen items and then fell forever silent. That is why after around 10 pieces, you are already ahead of much of the competition which fell by the wayside long before.

Don’t be concerned that because your own site was silent for so long and now you are going to make the effort to post more, nobody will know. Google will always welcome back a blogger that returns. Just make sure you use links posted onto social media to shout out to the web that you are there.

Some content will be time specific, other pieces will be just as applicable in three months time. So, make a note of the timeless posts, you can tweet about them again in the future…just not too much.

A Happy Ending?

Now we reach the end of this post, and like every good story, we need a happy ending. Like every good sales piece we need a call to action.  We already know from experience that different posts will impress different people. So, as you have made it this far, I can safely assume that you are interested in marketing content. As this piece applies to internet marketing generally, you may not even be using WordPress (perish the thought!).  So I urge you to follow us on Twitter and maybe future articles will be of use to you.  If you use, or your friends, customers use WordPress then you might find our Youtube channel of interest. Those preferring traditional means may want to subscribe to our weekly summary newsletter.

If you are still stuck for a subject, you can always use “3 ways to…”

Happy blogging.

P.S.  I am always interested in how people take action after reading my posts, so you are welcome to direct message me on twitter, or mention me in your tweet for a reply.  If our subjects crossover, I am available for a guest blogging feature.