Do you give up so easily?

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

What you like at rejection. Online you are going to be rejected all the time. You need to learn why and what to do about it.

You see somebody in a bar that you fancy. Assuming you have the courage to go and talk to them, you have a pretty high chance that you will fail to start a relationship.

So you give up – Right? – No.

Rejection happens on many levels and you need to learn in what way you are being rejected, in order to know how to try again. You approach needs to be right, you need a good line to start the conversation and then the conversation needs to be about them and not you.

You will often hear me say that business is like dating. In both, there is a chance of being screwed.

My Approach.

My approach to both is to be cautious and a little negative. I assume that it could be the right person, wrong time, wrong place. So, my first priority is to find another place or time I can meet or contact again, and make a good enough impression that I will have another chance at that next time.  it is even more pertinent online. We more often ‘come across’ than ‘looked for’.   So, I want to make sure my business comes across again and again.

Users may not hand over a phone number or email address, but you can use Facebook and others Retargeting to remind them of you again…

Check your analytics and improve the message where people have found you on Google Search or a link.

Time to build those funnels

It’s not about what your products do, it is about what your customers use your products for. What are the problems they solve?

Starting small is interesting?

Even if you only have a handful of visitors a week, you have analytics which can show how they found your website, what pages they visited and for how long. In many cases, you can actually work out who it was! Then fire off an email or make a call to encourage them. Now you know what they looked at you can make that the points of your conversation. Once you go beyond small, you will be doing the same tactics, but to multiple people at once.

Does this sound sinister? – if you had a shop you could watch a buyer in your store, where they went, what they looked at and for how long. You would then approach them when you thought the time was right? – You need to work out how to do that through the medium of online too. it is that simple.