Facebook is killing your reach!

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Facebook tells us it is creating large communities online and encourages us to create personal pages, business pages and groups to communicate together.

Facebook is really about monetizing the information we share with it by giving over 100 parameters that can be used for Advertisers to target the correct audience.

  • The more targetted advertisers are, the hight the hit rate for advertiser fit.
  • The higher the hit rate, the less annoying advertising messages we may see
  • The higher the hit rate, the more Facebook can charge for that service.

To increase the need for business to advertise on Facebook, then it wants to reduce your reach by free methods.

  • Posts on a business page have less reach to your subscribers
  • Now posts on Facebook groups may have less reach too!

This should underline a warning I have been making ever since I started marketing

You must never bank on any one medium for your new leads. Especially when it is not under your control

  • Facebook can change the rules at any time.
  • Facebook could even ban you for whatever reason it likes
  • Facebook only wors to rules made by facebook

This is why it is paramount to ask for other ways to communicate with your leads. What do you think is the best medium for communicating with your leads and customers?

  • If you guessed email. 8/10
    Email is a good medium but you still need to avoid spam filters, many now automated. Email is a good medium for regular contact, but it is mostly one way. People need a high level of commitment to email back
  • If you guessed SMS or Messanger 9/10
    This is a better solution. Bot controlled SMS and messenger could be the killer app for proactive marketing

I would suggest the answer for the best reach with your leads and customers is to be in total control of the platform on which you will be promoting. And you should have that already, it is called your website.  However, most people seemed to have given up on their website? they would rather tweet a line, or upload a youtube video than write an article on their website. – The reason often given is that these other mediums have better reach. However, if your video still only had 12 views you will suggest, well it has better potential reach if this goes viral.

You are missing the point between lead capture and lead nurture.

Lead capture is the process of putting your name in front of people and finding those aligned with your product or values as the first stage in starting a relationship with them.

Lead nurture is the process of growing a relationship with leads so that they become buyers.

Your website should be an excellent medium for the nurturing process with your leads. You should also take the lead from all these social media websites and make people sign up….

  • If you guess Memebership site 10/10.
  • A membership site allows you to create messages and control who sees them.
  • You can include bonus content for actions or payments from members.
  • Your membership site content is totally under your control
  • You can use Email, SMS, Messanger, even social medai to inform members of content
  • Membership allows you to create different content for lead capture (not yet members) and lead nurture (members)
  • You can even add chat or message boards and make them only avialable to members, even only to certain members!