Filezilla has Premiun Version

If you are a great supporter of FileZilla for your FTP needs, then you may have had a problem when upgrading them to the latest version.

I believe that the reason for this is that there are now TWO versions of FileZilla. (October 2017)

FREE Version

* Standard Transfer of FTP

Transfer files between sites using FTP

* FTP Transfer over TLS

Use a TLS connection to transfer your files. Thie is more secure than standard FTP. Check whether your host supports and recommends this connection method.

* sFTP Transfer

Transfer your files with the secure FTP connection – please use this whenever you can. Check with your host that they support this and consider going elsewhere if they do not. The connection information is likely to be slightly different to use this.

Premium Version

Work the same as the FREE version plus…

* Support for Amazon s3

Transfer files to the Amazon cloud using Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) protocol. if you are looking for a fast and safe place to keep backups for short term or long term storage, then this is a great new option.

* Priority Support

It is not often you will need support, but when there are problems, it is good to have support available as we often see file transfer activities as an urgent action.

* Premium Price

The premium version is around £10 or $13. A tax will be included depending on your location.

Which do you need?

If you have amazon s3 storage available, then using the premium version to hold backup copies here is a great option.

If you like the comfort of priority support is available it is also a good reason to go premium. You are rarely ever going to need this, but I assure you that when you do it will be time critical to being solved. A great deal of file transfer operation is time critical.

Support the foundation by purchasing the premium version. about that problem updating?

If the auto-update option doesn’t work for you then simply download a new version from the web site and install over the top. Your settings will be retained.