Seven screens, four computers, one keyboard and mouse

Is your desk over cluttered with tech? If you have multiple computers, there are lots of keyboards and mice to accommodate. and this week I added a 4th computer to the office!

Old Solution. – keyboard multiplexing hardware and switch between each device.

This was the solution I used 5+ years ago. I could share the same keyboard with 3 computers, including a server, and even switch the screen input on one display! This hardware solution was quite expensive but worked well at the time.  Video switchers made things more interesting and increased the number of cables.

My solution for 2017 – synergy from symless.

This software solution makes one PC your control server. The others install as clients. All can use their own local keyboard and mouse, but the main  pc can move its mouse across ALL computers;

  • Windows PC,
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux.

You can even CUT and PASTE across devices.