Get a website with Google? – YES

If you have correctly setup your Google mybusiness accounts, you are likely to have seen an email from Google to invite you to set up a website with them.

So what should you do?

The simple answer is: – DO IT.

  1. It is FREE
  2. It is simple to do with just a bit of explanation text and some pictures.
  3. If Google is doing it, it will have ‘priority’ in google search
  4. You make Google happy when you support its projects. Making Google happy about your business is always a good thing.
  5. It gives you another chance for a better listing on Google search.
  6. It reinforces your Google my business entry.
  7. We don’t know what other benefits are around the corner. Maybe a list of Google plus posts.

Comments why you not

Google has done things like this before and then drops it. This is Google Plus all over again.
So what if it is. While each incarnation of Google plus was around, we had listings on Google, more page impressions and more visitors. That means more sales.

You want your website listed, not this silly page
This is not one or the other. This is ANOTHER chance to have an extra listing on the Google search. Who knows, maybe not even Google, how this may work with your Google maps entry and mobile search. (where many sites will be removed for not qualifying)

BTW. Is your site mobile friendly yet? – If not it will not be seen by mobile search users. Not even listed.

Google page, Facebook page, I don’t have time for all this.
Each of those pages are offered because they then keep you within the Facebook or Google world. Companies want to keep you on your pages, and you should paly along, so your company information is seen more often. Facebook is well known to prefer links and actions that keep within its pages. I am sure Google does similar with its search results.

I already have a WordPress site
Glad to hear it. If this is as good as your WordPress site then that needs some updating.