Going bananas over tracked emails.

We are all pretty much accustomed to the ability of newsletter and email marketing services to give us sophisticated feedback on the delivery of messages.

The ability to embed controls into an email allow systems to monitor when emails read, where from, and even how long the message was opened. They may also be able to tell you when the message was forwarded, and to which IP address the recipient was connected.
On numerous occasions, I have wished to have the same information about emails that I have sent out on my personal email address. A number of companies have come to the market with solutions, but they always seemed little clunky. I regret to say that none of them lasted the course.

Today we have started the trial of a new tool which claims to be able to track our own emails. After having this recommended, I have looked at the service and I am quite impressed.

As a user of Outlook, I’m happy when a plug-in is provided to allow me to control system from inside my Outlook dashboard. They also provide outgoing mail server proxy connections. For those using Gmail, there is integration here too. This provides a neat integration of their tracking server software to your existing email system. Lastly, they offer integration with CRM systems using the bcc dropbox method.

The system is called banana tag and it has a range of services to suit most businesses. There is a free version for up to 5 tags a day which I have used on my personal email. There is a pro version which allows you to tag up to 100 emails a day, and for larger organisations, there is a teams version which allows 200 emails to be taped per day. The pro version is $10 per month paid annually, and the teams version $20 per month paid annually.

Currently offering a free version, and a 14-day trial, I really suggest you give them a go.