Grant Cardone – My reaction after Expert Empires 2018

Spoiler alert, it’s not all good!

So, I have now met the great Grant Cardone. This is truly a self-made made man, but no overnight success. (And probably needs to thank his wife, Elena, for making it)

Grant is a down to earth guy who has truly nailed the art of negotiation and selling – Face to face and over the phone. He has an encyclopedia of responses to almost any rebuff or objection you can think of.

Anybody who wants to learn more about perfecting their sales process cannot go wrong in taking some of the 50 plus products that he has available. I suggest you decide whether you can afford $100, $500,$1,000 or $5,000 and then sign up for a relevant course.

Grant also has the property investment game pretty well nailed too. Once he has profited from Sales business one, he reinvests in property with business number two and from earns recurring rentals. His view that you should rent out what you own and live in a rental is an interesting challenge to us home obsessed British people. But, it is an insightful concept.

However, I would not take any lessons from him on Internet marketing. He does seem too keen to create overvalued products and then dumps them through frequent firesales. This is fine for me, as I would never have paid the full price for his larger courses, but I am tempted by the discounted prices. This strategy could well work for his business model, although I am pretty sure he could have bigger revenue with a less pushy marketing plan, fewer firesales and a more sophisticated sales funnel. My only concern is that smaller businesses without the large range of products to offer, should not follow his lead.  They will end up giving away everything at a large discount. Grant seems to want the numbers more than the revenue.

Of course, if you start by 10x all prices, then a 90% off sale, you return to the original price!