Happy New Year

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Welcome to 2019. I wish you all the success and happiness for this new year. I expect you have made a few wishes or resolutions? – Before you act of them, here are some ideas, inspiration that I have gathered from speaking with other experts over 2017. I hope there are some here that will help you. I may expand on some of these ideas for future blogs posts, or podcasts myself.

  • Make some big bold plans, but 10x your business or losing weight, spending more time with your family. These sorts of plans are big and can not be accomplished with one action. So, break down these ideas with a number of smaller and easier to implement steps. You will get there more easily and have more wins on the way.
  • Changing your profits by 50% is hard. But making multiple changes that contribute maybe 5% will soon add up.
  • Remember the rule of compounding. An item of 100 when increased by just 2% every day will be 110 in 5 steps. 148 in 20 steps.
    • Take a power welk easy day and increase the distance by 2% each time. In 20 days you are walking nearly 1.5times the start.
  • Goals are easier to achieve when shared and more fun to celebrate when they are joint goals.
  • Try on new marketing method a week. Many may fail, but in the year you will have tried over 50!
  • Do not do anything that can not be measured. Otherwise, you will never be able to track if it worked!
  • Use technology and systems to make things easier, not more complicated.
  • You can not come up with ideas for blogs, webinars, podcasts, tweets Facebook lives, on demand when you need to write them. So keep a notebook or an app, note down the ideas as you have them and then you have a library of ideas when you need your next inspiration.
  • Don’t give up when you fail to meet a goal once.  Forgive yourself and try again.
  • Do one random act of kindness every day. Many will then go on to help another themselves.
  • If an ideas or content works, then repurpose it across multiple platforms.
  • Many tests show that sales rarely happen on the first connection. You may need to ‘touch’ the prospect 8, maybe 10 times with content before they purchase. So make sure your sales and marketing campaigns keep the contact engaged.
  • Don’t just copy what others do, you must add your own uniqueness and be genuine and honest to your own beliefs and values.
  • Remember that in the long term reoccurring revenue always beats the one-off sale.
  • If an offer flops. Was it the offer or the target audience?
  • Value your prospect for lifetime value, not the last order.
  • You are not a bad person to make money, only when you have it can you share it.  You are bad if you waste your talents and do nothing!
  • Don’t tie yourself up with $10 tasks, you need to delegate and work on the $100 and $1,000 tasks.
  • Choose a ‘charitable idea’ and make a difference in this world.
  • You cant create and sell it all yourself, look for partner and affiliate relationships to sell for and sell to.
  • Celebrate success and failure, they are two sides of the same coin.
  • Be prepared to take risks and make mistakes. Admit when you make them. A mistake is just a step towards success.
  • Do what you enjoy, in a way you feel comfortable – it will show when you deliver.