How far away are your leads?

Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

I am not talking about distance, I am talking about how far away are your leads from purchasing from you?

How far away does your message reach to attract new customers?

Consider you are a local garage that makes most of its money from servicing and MOT’s for local people’s cars.
{MOT is a test that all cars need to pass to prove they are roadworthy. Usually Annually}

If your marketing message is only about servicing then you will only be of interest to people who are about to have their service. If you have good records you should be contacting those close to service time.

Increase your range

Why are you waiting until the last minute to contact these people?

The idea of a service is to find and fix common faults and to ensure the car is safe and reliable in the future? – hey, I am not a mechanic, but that’s what I see the need for a service.

So, if I was a garage, I would be sending out messages to talk about those issues that can be fixed by a service.

  • Do you know worn tyres are not only illegal and could face fines of xxx but it reduces fuel consumption by YY. this is how to test your tyres…
  • Worn wiper blades can scratch your windscreen and reduce visibility and cause XXXX, check by …
  • Engine oil wears out and then it allows engine wear that will XXXX, here’s how to check….

I am searching for customers who are further away from the need of a service, by hitting on possible worries that are fixed by a service.

I am also building trust by sharing information and demonstrating knowledge and understanding of my customer needs.

Change their attitudes

I could also influence customers. e.g.

Normal engine oil, synthetic engine oil or magnetic engine oil – here is what you need to know.

I don’t want fame

Many people I make this presentation to will argue they don’t want to be the expert on youtube that gives away all this information. I agree. They should add a regional phrase for their messages which will increase coverage and reach in their target area.

Are your worn tyres illegal – could become – How drivers in London Know if their tyres are illegal. or, Bald Tyres? – How Londoners can check.

And never miss a chance to invite people to your garage/office or contact you –  if they are unsure, at the end of any post.  We call this a call to action.  For a lead to do so takes effort, so only active, or energised leads will bother.