I have been demonetized on Youtube – and things are now better!

Photo by Philip Veater on Unsplash

Unless I am hitting numbers in the hundreds of thousands a month, the revenue from Youtube adverts it pretty poor.  It certainly does no make sense as a business if you are unable to hit anything less than a $2,000 plus a month. Anything less is, at best, a hobby.

So I am happy I don’t have to play the adverts game and can concentrate on providing more and better content.

My income comes from…

  • Designing custom plugins and I produce around one a week. ( 63 during 2017)
  • Membership fees for WP Business Club inner circle.
  • Training courses

Youtube is a platform for hosting my public videos and a place to capture more interest and Google Search positions.

It is good to remove the adverts. That leaves the videos about my business and nothing else.  However, I do know that we need to spend more time giving away public information to bring in new interest, and then we can open the inner circle to another round of customers.