If 4 in 10 people search your site on Mobile – What will they see?

Check your own site analytics, and look at the devices people use, and the volume of them compared to desktop users. Look at the devices they are using.

Then compare that with Google’s Data?

You could have very different results from your site and people could be in different places when they look at the content on different devices. But if you see less mobile users, is that because your site is not suitable for them to read? Google prefers mobile ready sites on Google Search.

Now grab your mobile and try and use your site? – Can you move around it easily and read the content?

If not, then you really need to consider how much business you could be losing from not delivering great content to those mobile users. It may be impossible for anyone to see your standard site on such a smaller screen. That is ok but you, therefore, need a different layout and plan for keeping mobile users happy and convert them to buyers.

WordPress can identify mobile users. It can also make the layout react based on the screen size. This is called being responsive, but it goes deeper than that.

With detecting mobile users and screen sizes, we can actually deliver a very different look for mobile users if that would be most suitable. We are looking at the possibility of changing our layout to delivering video first mobile users, with the written content beneath. We will let you know what results from we find.

Inspired by an original piece from Google