Larger meta box for Woocommerce categories

It is not just the customer-facing pages that can sometimes do with a change.

it is possible to add style sheet changes to the admin pages as well. You just need to work out the suitable css commands and then enqueue a stylesheet to the admin.

We have added a simple stylesheet editor to our new ‘Two min’ plugin. This allows us to add custom css to both the user and admin pages. once we are happy with the results we may well then integrate them into the stylesheets of our theme, but this plugin is great for testing out whether the changes work as wanted.

Update: Follow this link to download this free plugin.

When a facebook post to the woohelp forum, I thought this was a great opportunity to try out our new ‘Two min’ plugin. This plugin is designed to grow to become a compendium of fixes, hacks and updates.

The problem described was a long list of category items in the meta box. The size of which was making their navigation difficult. The simple solution would be to make the meta box larger, so enabling more category items to be seen. However, to do that you needed some CSS knowledge and a plugin to allow you to change the style of the admin pages. Fortunately, we just finished the first version of our ‘Two min’ plugin, and providing CSS scripts for the user and admin facing pages was its first feature.

By using Firefox and right clicking over the category items, I worked my way through the tags and found that the id field of the tag was ‘product_cat-all’. using the tag inspector, I added the rule of ‘min-height: 350px;’ and the meta box grew in size.

Next, I added this rule to the ‘Two min’ plugin and saved.

The Meta box was now permanently larger. – Job Done.

Here is a video explaining the process.