Launching a new site means building all those social media images.

All that social media and all those sizes. The biggest problem was that when you search for all the answers, too much of the information out there is “out of date”.

Where is the Google search to limit results to those of the past 3 months! – You can select from the tools button and then limit time results and country.

Thanks to for pulling this together.


social-media-image-size-facebook-2016Remember that you can, and should change your facebook banner often to keep up interest.

Changes in the profile pic are not as effective.



Needs to be sorted as well as twitter.


social-media-image-twitter-2016Keep those tweets with pictures, they are more effective, and remember that embed text, video and pictures will attract different types of audience.


Linked in

social-media-image-size-2016-linkedin-2016You need both personal and business entries. Keep content to being informative, articles and discussion documents. Dont be chased out for spamming.


Google Plus

Ysocial-media-image-size-google-plus-2016ou may think it is not worth it, but Google Plus is always going to be seen on Google Search, and however it develops, it will always be useful to be seen.



social-media-image-size-2016-youtube-2016Make sure you complete all the graphics, complete a welcome video, which can be changed regulalry, and select the best possible thumbnails for every video uploaded.



social-media-image-size-2016--pinterest-2016Maybe the home of infogrpahics, so it expects the best pictures.

If you are having problems keeping up with all these sites, then take on a few and buld up as your confidence increases.



social-media-image-size-2016-instagram-2016Every picture here should tell a story. It can be hard at the start, but once you have a style that works for your business, I promise you that content creation does become easier.



social-media-image-size-2016-tumblr-2016I like the imagination of this microblogging site. The animated gif’s work well if you can find a tool, like photoshop, to help you create them.


I would also recommend looking at

2021 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

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