Logos, graphics and the ‘Look’

It is easy to spend a great deal of time and money on the issue of your visual image. I have kept to a simple name, tagline and the graphic of business people meeting. – (Must make non-sexist, multi-national versions too).

Our colours are starting with blues, black and grey. We have a button logo and a banner logo. So far, we have had to make variations of the correct size for

  • Web Site top banner
  • Possible Website footer (black on white)
  • Background and logo for Google Plus Business page
  • Background and logo for YouTube
  • Background and logo for Twitter
  • Background and logo for Facebook

As we will be running in beta for 3 months, a designer could persuade me to change it all before full launch, but I will be using these graphics for everything, including video backgrounds for now.

If you do use a designer, then make sure you have the rights to all the originals and keep full copies. If they “move away” you need to continue.