Old News, Bad News or Recent News

This post was inspired by an interesting article in Tech crunch

Facebook is being slammed again for the quality of its newsfeed. More originally by luck than judgement, Facebook is now a major aggregator of news. Facebook platform is becoming a major new source for many of its users who no longer read the paper and probably miss TV news. The problem is that peopole of a certain type will flock together. They share news of ‘interest’, not of quality or correctness, and can so perpetuate bad news.

With this new position of power comes responsibility that the news is correct. While the latest claims is that fake news stories about Donald Trump has an effect on the US presidential elections.

Although not making headlines today, Google two is finding the old news and bad news are an issue for. It does not help the user, if they do a Google search and come up with an answer that is five years old and out of date. I often use YouTube as my main search source for finding solutions to particular when issues. Often somebody has come across the same issue and posted a short video about. Indeed I produce any videos to provide answers on you tube in the same way. However, this edition is been going on for a few years now and there are a great deal of videos on YouTube which are 3 to 5 years out of date. I say out of date because many things on the Internet change in a matter of months and therefore a video explaining a particular feature of WordPress that is three years old will most likely have stakes if not be completely wrong I applied today.

Generally around the Internet you’ll find websites, proceeds, YouTube accounts where the personal company behind them as with the best intentions, set out to provide a regular feed of news and information about them, their products, of the market in which they compete. Due to lack of interest, other pressing concerns, all the fact that they were just successful and retained enough customers, seats in stop. This is why you often hear me say that you need to produce 10 to 12 tweets, posts, videos to get about the general noise of those accounts which never really got started.

So, to be successful on the Internet you need recent news on a regular basis. We have even changed our post on Meta information on each post to read how many days or weeks since the post was last updated. Rather than creating a whole new post, many people have found that bringing in all post-up-to-date with the correct information and then tweeting promoting in another similar way, it situationally Google will be refreshed and the listings improved.

Bringing an old post up-to-date is far less work and creating a new one from scratch, it means that your whole post is now relevant again, and any links that are already in Google search will now be valuable again with the latest information.

I would not be surprised, if the Google algorithm  and the Facebook news collection bots start to develop logic to  differentiate between new posts and all posts. Traditionally older established posts with many links and high status would gain better listings. Already feeds from news sources and other sites like eBay always produce the latest listings.

When searching on Google you can click on the tools menu which gives you the option to refine your results by country or by time. So for instance I can search results only apply to the UK and in the past 24 hours.

So when you next checkout a how to video for WordPress, check the production date.