Say Goodbye to most Facebook groups

Photo by Amine Rock Hoovr on Unsplash

You join Facebook groups for the community and the information that they provide, but there will come a time when you have picked up most of the knowledge they will give you. You will know this because the questions posted will be familiar and you will even have the answers yourself. Pay it forward and answer a few and then ask yourself – is there any further value in this group? Time to stop following it.

Go to a group and you can turn off notifications. This will free your feed up for other things. Facebook has already noticed this themselves and is reducing the load on your page to let more friends posts show through. (Which will be interesting for me as I keep friends to a minimum).

  • Find the groups that are important and put them on your facebook homepage shortcuts on the left column. Hit the edit to make sure the right ones show up, even though you can not change the order of them?
  • All the groups of personal interest have been relegated. I can scan through them in my own time, which probably means never.
  • All those commercial ones I like to keep an eye on are also taken off. it is those I am positively active on that matter. This means they must be a short-term source of leads or ideas to help live projects.
  • Remember: You can stay in a group but just turn off notifications.
  • When you have replied to a post you can turn off notifications for that post. If you have had your say you may not want to be notified of comments from others.