Seriously? – You only need a squeeze page?

I am amazed by all these business coaches who tell everyone you don’t need a website, just a squeeze page!

This is obviously a rubbish thing to say, but there is a reason why they say it. It would help their credibility if they actually admitted it.

When starting out you do not need to spend thousands on setting up a web site.
– But you need a few pages to establish your brand.

When starting out you do need to keep your priorities in order.

  1. You need a product that you can bill people for.
  2. The need for a sales funnel to promote the above.
  3. You need a promotion campaign via Facebook ads or whatever way you are promoting your product – via the sales funnel
  4. You need a SIMPLE website so people can look you up online and find out what you do.
    1. Product Page
    2. About Us Page
    3. Contact Us Page
    4. Terms / Privacy Policy
  5. Finish with some social media accounts, certainly, in those apps, you are going to advertise.