Setting up 2 step authentication for your Google Account

Although I use 12-15 character generated passwords for my accounts, there is always the possibility that the system could be compromised. I do travel and find myself using public systems, or run the risk on public wifi networks. If I told you how easy, well, let us not go there. We will just agree it is not as secure as being at home. So, I want to secure my google account with a second level of security.

I am going to set up 2-step authentication for my Google Account.

Firstly we log in for


You should then see this new main account screen.2-step-2

Choose the security section I highlighted in yellow.


you will be asked to log-on again. Then your mobile phone number will be requested, if not already known.


A text will be sent to your phone with a verification code, put that into google.


Now just activate the service.


You now have 2 stage authentication activated for that Gmail Account!

So, what will change…?

When you try to log in, Google will send a 6 digit code to your phone, which you will have to enter. But if this is a trusted PC, then you can choose not to be asked on that computer again. You will just enter the username and password. Note that if this trusted PC connects in an untrusted place, it is vulnerable.

But, you, or other people logging into your Google account with any other device, will be challenged! In which case, your phone will see a text!

Gmail Phone App

If you use the Gmail app, you will be asked to login again, and then a verficaiton sms text will be sent to the phone, which you need to enter