Starting with Google

You want to be seen on Google? – You need to play by its rules. The first one is to create yourself a Google account. From this you will be able to connect to everything Google.

Now the perenial question is;

Should you have one Google account for everything, or individual Google accounts for each business you set up?

You may ask, and I will be honest and tell you but I’ve never found the perfect answer to this question. My personal strategy is to have one Google account for each “major project” that I set up. It is true, that if you have multiple google accounts, as I do, then you can add “admin rights” to share responsibilities for information later.

So I suggest that you go to and set up a new account along the lines of This Gmail account will now be the main way Google will communicate with you. So I suggest you do not use this Gmail account for any other purpose, or publish it anywhere. Also, setup a mobile phone with the account for verification and security. You could even use the gmail app to put this account on your mobile phone.

From this account you can now create your Google plus page, which is your ‘personal’ page. and your Google my business page. You can also then go to YouTube (which is owned by Google) and set up a YouTube account with the same Gmail account. This can then also Google connect with the my business page. The last main Google asset you need to take notice of is Google analytics which again you can create account for the same account. Having these services connected makes easier key to manage, allows Google to work them together (to your benefit) and allows you to see all the statistics one place, and they also benefit from sharing any popularity to enable better listings on Google search.