Give me a budget of £1,000 a month and I can build you some pretty powerful marketing tools.

  • WordPress has all the Bells and whistles provided by 
    Powerful Premium plugins including Elementor and Gravity Forms. This allows you to create a high-quality website with more drag-and-drop and less need to understand all the skill of hand-coding sites,
  • Powerful Landing Pages
    Apps such as click funnels allow you to create landing pages from libraries of proven layouts
  • CRM with lists, segments and actions
    The best CRM packages allow you to not only capture customer data but track them on their journey through your pages, offers and posts. To automatically send out email sequences and other actions to create automated funnels.
  • AutoWebinars and Presentations
    Tools allow you to “fake” webinars with automated on-demand content which then feeds into a lead conversion tool
  • Big Budget Facebook and Google Advertising
    Many of the big ‘Geru’ marketers are spending each $1 for maybe as little as a $2 reward, but at a scale that will still double their cash.

But there is a simple problem;

  • People pushed into this online world for the first time, looking to make business in spite of covid do not have the funds to pay £1,000-£3,000 a month.
  • Their products and services will not scale the same and they don’t want 1,000’s of customers a month, they often just need a few hundred for the year.
  • The tight focus of their target market does not have the numbers to need such a marketing budget, and we have not even factored in the advertising budget they have to work with.

And so it is a great time to create software.

WordPress is great.

Easily a better proposition than Squarespace, WIX or other competitors. its open-source architecture allows you to easily add those last pieces of code to add the Wow factor for your customers.

Most Land Page tools are yesterday

Many came to light because the editor on WordPress and others was poor and they offered drag and drop. Now WordPress offers a better drag-and-drop then they do. All the extra integration tools for following up leads are poor and when you look at what that is, it is easy to replicate

Auto Webinars – Now Zoom

Auto webinars are just youtube videos if you want to be true and interact then tools like Zoom work very well.

Better targetted Advertising

Random targetted ads are not the way now. We want a relationship with our products with interaction on social media. Facebook lives, or even this new clubhouse trend.

API the killer punch

An API is a way for two apps to talk to each other and share data. Must quality apps are now adding an API. Those that don’t are worried about losing business. Sharing data is the name of the game but with one caveat.

Big companies can afford to pay for these API integration companies and tools to take data from one expensive CRM system and integrate with another expensive email marketing system because they have the numbers and the revenue to do so.

For most businesses, especially those thrown into an online marketing world, they don’t have the numbers or the budget for these systems, they need a bespoke all in one package.

And this is why it is a great year to develop software

You can create an app or apps to solve a particular problem in one market and use API’s to connect with other systems to save you need to develop yourself. You then deliver a complete package to the customer by creating the glue to hold it together. That is our simple plan and it is working great so far. It is no secret, we are not the only company looking at the market this way, and maybe we will replace one of those bigger players, or be taken over in the future.


The work of webinars, meetings and online events is not just zooming. There are companies who organise events that have had to provide an online solution to keep their customers. One example is hopping. However their video production is really poor, so they recently purchased a company called Streamyard who started by helping people stream to Face, youtube etc and then added some lower third graphics, the ability to add guests. Suddenly they were ahead of many online event software, so one bought them up.

By the way: We are also building and developing our online event platform to support all the online events we are producing for clients. In our case, we use Zoom as the underline video platform and connect to it, yes, with an API.