Three Ways to add Social media to your site

Encouraging visitors to your website to interact with your social media as well gives you more ways to keep in touch with them and build a relationship.

There are two different ways they can interact, and a sneaky one you can setup too.

You can give links to your social media accounts so that visitors can visit those pages and hopefully like or follow them.  Many recent themes from WordPress and others will allow you to build a social menu, where those links can all be given.

You will see on the top right of this web site, when in desktop and tablet layout, there are icons for your Twitter stream, Youtube channel and facebook business page.

Next, visitors can be given buttons beside your content so they can share on their Facebook page, or tweet, a link to the content in front of them. ‘Share the love’ as one plugin put it.

We have incorporated these buttons in the headings of each post with the meta data of when the post was last updated. This is using the Simple social share plugin to display the chosen icons.

However, there is another way you can involve visitors with your social media and that is to use retargeting. This involves putting a retargeting pixel on the page. In the case of Facebook, this marks with a cookie, the visitor to your page. When they return later to Facebook, you can pay for an advert to appear on the facebook page of those that have collected your pixel.

We use this less often than we should. it is easy to remember that retargeting costs, so you need a business case to use it. However, collecting pixel visitors is free, so why not use retargeting to build up lists more?