Tools to help creating content

Here are some of the tools that I use to help me create content easily and quickly.


This offer application allows me to talk into a USB microphone and it converts all my words into text. Talking to computer hardware no longer seems a weird thing to do, but I’ve been using this method for nearly 2 years allow me to dictate for posts quickly. To be honest, I can probably type nearly as fast as I can now dictate, but this method allows me to talk ahead of myself and to use my free hands to access the second computer to grab quotes and do other quick research while creating my content.


This is an excellent tool for checking spelling mistakes punctuation and grammar. The most useful thing about Grammarly for me is that it works across all applications. So it will correct the grammar in a post in situ on whether it is on a WordPress web page or within a word document or PowerPoint presentation. I recommend you should at least be using the free version and if you create content on a regular basis I think you will find a good justification for subscribing to the paid version.


This marketing website is for marketing professionals and others to share each others content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the contributions are quite diverse. Usually I can find a couple of items each day that are worth sharing, and not so obviously self-serving. Each person you share to gives you credits which you can then spend by having your content shared. As long as people choose it to share. If you want to have more shares then you can purchase extra credits, which is how the site makes money. I have seen similar platforms before, but for now, this one services the purpose.

Twitter direct.

The next tool I use it to subscribe to a number of marketing twitter streams. The quality of their content is not always the greatest, and their publication dates are mostly a year or two out of date. However, they are great at prompting me with ideas for creating the content  myself. When I do find a post that has quality content onto which I can add some more value and insight, I will refer to the original and give it the correct references.