Top 5 things your website needs

Photo by Judi Neumeyer on Unsplash

Regular Content

  • Visitors only purchase from repeated visits.
    Nobody ever visits a page and signs up there and then. Something has to happen beforehand. They were either sold to before they visited the site, or they will need to return to it a few more times. When they do return, there better be some more interesting things to read, otherwise they will get bored and lose interest.
  • Regular new content keeps them interested
    New issues, new stories about the same thing. We would not watch the news or our favorite series if everything saw always the same. You need to engage and interest an audeicne. maybe even entertain. It is all about meet, know trust and you are trying that through a web page, so you better put some effort in.
  • Regular new content keeps you relevant
    Too often I visit sites and find the information is out of date. Photos out of seasons, content dated two years ago, references to things that happened last year. Does that infer that the company is out of date?
  • Regular content brings better search rankings
    Google knows fresh content excites the audience and that’s why they give SEO preference to people that update regularly. A rule they push even harder when it comes to videos on YouTube!

Regular Support

  • A website should not operate alone
    You can not hang a website out there and expect people to find it. Reference it when you meet people, when you email them. Encourage them to read more about a subject by visiting a certain page on the website.
  • You need to give the support of social media
    Nobody will want to share you consent if you don’t.  Sharing boosts SEO.  Sharing brings your website in front of all those facebook users, twitter users and whatever social platforms you work within.
  • Sharing content, re-using content
    Don’t limit yourself to sharing the original content. Facebook likes their own version to re-write content for a facebook post. Is an article suitable to put on the company linkedin page?
  • Video and Audio Content
    Create video and audio content to support your website content. link and embed each in the other.
  • Re-purpose common themes within video and maybe podcasts
    Mobile users may prefer  a short video. Longer content may be suitable for a podcast. You want to deliver a good message, make use of it across all platforms.

Regular Analytics

  • Analytics can tell you what you are doing right
    Your top page will show you whidh pages are winning visitors.
  • Analytics can tell you what you are doing wrong
    Site bounces will show the content that does not inspire.
  • Analytics can tell you where you visitors come from
    You can see where your social media performs by seeing the sources that deliver to your website.
  • But if you never regally check, and then act on, your analytics,
    there was no point in collecting it.
    Once you have this information, you need to act on it and then use the stats next time to see if you made the right move.

Regular Servicing

  • Keeping a set of regular backups saves your data
    Daily backups kept for a week is best for most businesses.
  • If the server/datacenter has a failure
    Always quicker to restore from a backup than wait for a web shot to sort out an issue. A backup can be restore on another host and be live wihtin an hour.
  • If a plugin or other update causes problems
    You dont want to diagnose why a plugin broke your site, you just want your site working again. Leave the plugin designer to fix the plugin.
  • If new content or theme updates need to be reversed
    Same with theme changes. Leave others to worry about the problem. you want something live for customers to see.
  • If your site is compromised with malicious content etc
    Cleaning a website is for dummies and can often leave problems. Resotre before the problem happened.
  • All software needs updates
    if your software is not updated it is not current.
  • WordPress core, plugin and theme uprates need to be applied
  • Preferably checked before being used.
    Understand who is responsible for applying WordPress updates and who checks they work and who fixes when they don’t.

Regular Site Reviews

A site needs to be reviewed regularly for

  • Strategy
    What is the aim of your web site.
  • Features
    What makes your website stand out form the competition?
  • New Marketing Techniques
    What new techniques could bring you more sales?
  • New SEO Techniques
    What new things bring better rankings?
  • For relevance
    Is your content still targeting the best audience?