Want demo data for your Woocommerce Site

Whether you are a developer, or store owner, it can be easier and quicker to use the Woocommerce Demo Data to setup the features of your shop.

You can then remove the demo data afterwards and start adding your own products.

The demo data for Woocommerce is included in a set of demodata files which are shipped with the plugin. They are found within the site at


But you may not be happy with ftp or digging around in the site files, so here is another way to find them.

Go to the WordPress respository and download the latest version of WooCommerce. You can use this link to woocommerce

Now you need to extract all the files out of the zip. Go to your downloaded files and right click to extract (or any other unzip program you have).

You will end up with a set of folders and you will find within the woocommerce folder, another call demmmy-data. Within this is the dummy-data.xml file that you need.

In your wordpress installation you need to go to your dashboard and then choose Tools – Import. Select the WordPress Importer near the end of the list and select the dummy-data file.  Click on upload and import. You can then choose who will become of the owner of the uploaded data. Choose an existing user, or give a username for a new one. I always select myself here.  if you tick the button to import attachments, then the pictures of all the products will be downloaded onto the site too. This can take some time, so be patient if you choose this option. Submit to start your download.

When completed you can go to your products list to see all the products loaded.


Now you are free to design your site with the demo data.

Once you are happy your site works the way you want, you will come to a point when you want to replace the demo data with your own products.

Fortunately, there is a plugin that will remove all the product data. All data, so if you have added your own products, they will be lost too. It does not remove any media images of the products.