Want to know where your competitors win?

The best way to find out where the business could come from on Google Search is to see where your competitors are already scoring top listings AND getting visitors. Unless they suddenly decide to show you their google stats, how can you find out where they win?

Also, which technologies are your market making use of. Are you ahead or behind the curve?

Two websites do have access to some of the data and also spider their own, can deliver some interesting information – even when you only take the free information they publish to those interested.


This interesting site allows you to find your main competitors by category and country. You can also list your 5 main competitors and gain comparison information. The free version just gives you a flavour, but the paid version could show you which keywords they are gaining good results, allowing you to try and compete for that traffic.

Almost certainly only a tool that really big sites are going to use, it still offers interesting data to those just having a quick look. Maybe we will arrange a demonstration soon.

SimilarWeb Pro Home keywordpreview
SimilarWeb Pro Home keyword preview


This site crawls millions of website pages to find out what technology they use. Which programming languages, which software tools and plugins etc. It is a very interesting read for geeks who are looking for the next big thing. It is also useful for technology companies looking for trends. From the marketing side, you can see the take up of major tools such as Facebook retargeting. Many companies will also use the statistics for lead generation as you can gain company information with the paid version to allow you to approach companies using a specific technology.

The site breaks down the statistics into the Top 10k sites, top 100k sites, top 1m sites and the whole internet it searches. This allows you to see the difference between the most top sites and those lower down the order. The stats are calculated monthly and then deliver the trend figures, as well as absolute numbers.

From the WordPress side, you can see the dominance of  WordPress and Woocommerce. We can even see the usage of the different released versions. It is concerning to see so many site using out of date versions.

Framework technologies Web Usage Statistics - trends_builtwith_com
Framework technologies Web Usage Statistics – trends builtwith.com