Welcome sassy WordPress 4.7

And so for us WordPress users Christmases come early. Today we see the release of WordPress 4.7 and our new theme twenty seventeen. This version is named Vaughan after jazz vocalist Sarah Vaughan.

Most of the changes are seen within the 2017 theme. The theme has started content to give people a better understanding of the new theme.

The customizer continues to add functions. When in the customizer you will see edit buttons appearing on the content you can control what change. You can also create new pages as you add items to your menu which allows faster setups.

The new 2017 theme is more business orientated with  large images for headings and the ability to have video headers as well.

PDF files are now better supported in the media manager with PDF thumbnail previews. However, these will only apply to newly up loaded content. There are also changes to the editor with the layout of the buttons and labels for shortcuts.

Otherwise, this release is much more about the new user and the developer. We have been able to have multiple template types for pages for a considerable time. This new release we now have the ability for developers to give multiple page templates to be used on posts. Developers can also now register the ramble actions of list table screens such as the lists of posts or pages.

It is also worth noting that WordPress will not be keeping to its fixed schedule of release dates for next year but will set its releases against a list of new features which are seen as strategic for keeping WordPress ahead of our content management systems. It will be instincts see if this features first strategy works.

There is always a great your community excitement of the release of a new version WordPress, although those in the know will have been aware of the features been released some weeks before. What is of more interest to me, is what new ideas and features developers start working on after they have had time to reflect over the winter break.