What is the WpTypes Toolset?

The WP types toolset is a collection of plug-ins for WordPress that allow you a great deal of control over the design and layout of a website. You can use them to design an entire team from scratch, or to enhance a theme already created. The WP Business Club website is using a simple child theme of the WordPress 2016 theme to which we have added additional styles and layouts using WP types plugging. Toolset also allows the creation of custom post types and custom fields together with additional options for categories and tags. When a design is completed you can package it up into a stand-alone theme and deploy it to other websites without the need for full toolset. All of this can be accomplished by using layout tags and stylesheet designing. Toolset uses the bootstrap styling system which allows sites to ‘respond’ to different dizes screens. You can see this happen if you view a list of posts and change the width of the page.  There is no need for actual PHP programming to accomplish any of these tasks, however, the more you know about CSS and some javascript. the more exciting you can make your style.

The WP types toolset is therefore an excellent tool for designers without PHP programming experience who wish to make advance custom theme designs.  We are great supporters of the toolset and will be releasing our training program in October 2016.

Any theme can be converted for use with the toolset within the content loop by replacing the PHP code with a toolset PHP snippet. However, WP Types have already released additional plug-ins for the automatic conversion of some popular themes including the WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme and the Genesis theme