What is Woocommerce?

Woocommerce is a free plug-in that brings shopping cart functionality to WordPress. It is the most used shopping cart plug-in for WordPress and is now under the stewardship of automatic meaning that its future is assured.

It is possible to have a complete shopping experience using the free plug-in, but there are a range of additional plug-ins that add further functionality. Some of these are also free but others have a licence fee to pay. Just like WordPress itself, the open source availability of the Woocommerce plug-in means that any PHP developer can create a plug-in to work with the shopping cart plug-in, and many have done so.

It is estimated that the Woocommerce plug-in powers around 30% of all online stores which makes it the market leader.

Sell anything anyhow anywhere.

Woocommerce can sell physical and digital goods and offer an infinite number of product variations using a range of different additional plug-ins. Even products such as bookings, subscriptions and training can be marketed.

Sell anyhow anywhere any time.

Free shipping, flat rate shipping, shipping based on size and/or weight with differentials for different countries there is an option for every imaginable shipping combination.

Any type of payment anyhow.

Wu commerce can handle PayPal, bank transfers and cash on delivery. The range of plug-ins and added support for more than 140 different payment gateways including stripe, authorize.net and Amazon patents.

Yours forever.

Of course the ultimate accolade is the fact that you are hosting all the software yourself and therefore only you can decide when your shop needs to be closed.

Any look and anything else if you need it

Many developers just work on providing fantastic looking themes for use with Woocommerce. The bottom line is this is an open source platform with a large worldwide team of developers available, this plug-in can deliver any shopping experience you want today and in the future.

We are great supporters of Woocommerce at the WP Business Club and dedicate Wednesdays to all things Woocommerce. We are also often testing and reviewing plugins for this great platform.