Who is Grant Cardone?

Who is Grant Cardone?

If you know him…
and what he does…
He’s probably already hitting your Email and Facebook news feed with offers and content.
Yes hes the 10x growth guy.
What to see him?
If you are a Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, and/or Author –
You must book the  ‘Expert Empires 2018’ event in London.
Hosted by Nick James the UK expert for organising live events.


But I want to talk to those who don’t know him, or think he is all hype.
You may be right.
  • He is not a bitcoin magnet – but I believe Grant does have a  story about that.
  • He is not a marketing expert like Ryan Deiss, who you missed because he came last year – But Grant knows a thing or two
  • He is not a events guru like Nick James – but people pack out events to see Grant
  • He is not a WordPress Expert – No, that’s a plug for me!
  • He is a great salesman. – and with that you can do all the above.
I have heard a few interviews from him and the guy has great confidence – but I don’t yet hear anything that amazing.
At least he does try not to look like those flash, fake, ‘actors’ who scam you for empty ideas and poor, rehashed advice.
But he had a fancy watch, cool haircut, and a private jet…..so hes made a load of money somewhere?

How do you find out?

  • You are not going to find out the secret watching some promo video…
  • You are not going to find out buying some course…
  • This guy started as a sales person – and he was good.
    The only way to evaluate a sales person is to be sold to – face to face – for real
And that is why I booked my ticket to expert empires 2018.
  • I paid £99 to get a front row seat to hear his pitch. Live – face to face.
  • I want to see what this salesperson can successfully pitch to hundreds in the room at the same time.
  • See the words, the body language, the confidence, the charisma.
I may not hear anything I have not heard before – but I want to see how he puts it together.
Will I buy anything afterwards…. maybe…maybe not. – But I need that energy bottled

This is the kicker.

When I worked in computer sales in the 1990’s we went to a events every 6-9 months.
A theatre of 200 plus sales people to look at new closing techniques and  review our patter.
But the main reason for being there was remind you of the basics – and to fire up your confidence. You left the event not 10 feet, but 15 foot tall.

You carried that emotion and energy into your following sales meetings and you simply closed more deals.

  • Confidence closes deals.
  • People buy from people they like  – and people like confidence people.
  • People feel secure with confident people.

My company paid around £150 each for a three hour event over 20 years ago. My sales went up 20-30% in the following quarter each time!

The earlier you book the better the price!

I just picked up the £99 offer for VIP upgrade – You may have to pay more to join me – respond quickly or the price could be £300-£500.

If you are a Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, and/or Author and want a boost to close more deals and increase your margin, I will see you at expert empires UK.

And you will not only have the opportunity to hear Grant, you will also hear from Nick James and the third headliner speaker is still yet to be confirmed!!

oh, before I end, I should be offering you a bonus, that’s what you do isn’t it?

My bonus supporting the event

The WordPress Business Club makes your business work with WordPress – the most used content management system for websites. We don’t just have the Best Training, for WordPress, we create our own WordPress Plugins and themes and even teach others to do the same.

So, come to Expert empires, introduce yourself, and I will give you 3 months free access to the WordPress Business Club,  and full membership plan at One third our standard price. – Why because we love action takers, and if you are at Expert Empires, you are an action taker.

See you there

P.s. The links to expert empires are an affiliate link where I may benefit from your registration.