Why all these Facebook Ads for Business Coaches and events?

We may be a few years behind the USA, but the UK is now under a tsunami of coaching courses, facebook ads courses and there are mentors, coaches and trainers coming out of the woodwork everywhere!

Now, I am not an addict, but I like to go to a few of these marketing events each year because there is nothing better than receiving the training and ideas from the horse’s mouth and live.

You benefit from the buzz of successful events and that can drive you in your work for a week, even months ahead.

Watch Out

Most of the events advertised will be free or quite low cost. This is because to get you to the event is only part of the deal. The main aim of these events is to sign you up for additional training, or seminars or events.

This is why you need to choose your events carefully. Many have become pitchfests. What I mean by that is that there will be a succession of speakers who will just tell you their life story (always rags to riches, sob stories). This is designed to build your emotion before they make you an unbelievable offer. (and you know what is certain about an unbelievable offer – Don’t believe it!)

The organiser’s of such events tend to not last so long. The speakers of such events don’t last so long either.

Events with value

The events that are worth the entrance fee are those where the speaker will share with you a secret, something you can take away and make use of the next day. Sure, they can make an offer for something else to take that knowledge further, AFTER they have demonstrated something useful to me now.

Big Names

One way to differentiate the events is to look for key top speakers. they are more careful where they talk, so this is a good indication of the type of event. You will quickly notice certain groups of speakers all appearing in the same circles. Is the big event speaker is doing a keynote, or training, or just a big face to boost the event? – You decide.

The same names

You will find certain people keep popping up at these events and when you find a speaker or two for whom you feel does give value at events, you can start to see which events can be the most valuable to you.

Often the same pitch

Don’t think you can follow one person around and learn a new trick from them at each event. – They often use the same story and pitch repeatedly, just like a comedian who has found their best jokes.

Networking at events

I often find as much, if not more value at an event by talking with other attendees. This may be the start of a business relationship where I could be buying or selling, or partnering.  I often find opportunities for all three.

The key to being successful at these events is not to try and sell, but offer and receive advice from others. Get their perspectives from their knowledge and background.  You may like a presentation and find an aonther person has already ‘purchased’ the upgrade offer before. A chance to know more about it from a user and be better informed if it will work for you.

Don’t be a facebook live bore

If I see you doing a Facebook live video during an event I am going to label you as a fraud and idiot. You are just bragging – a video selfie. ‘Look how cool I am being at this event!’ – If you are genuine in your attention then you should have been marketing to get your following to join you at this event.

So, I expect you to be saying things like – ‘you are missing out on this great event’ here is how to register for the next one.’ and have been pushing people to the event for days, if not weeks before.

Dont Livestream the event to your following. You paid an entrance fee for one person, not your list. If that is the only value you can give them, then it is time you got yourself a real job.

During the event

Make sure you take notes, photos of key slides, did your ticket get you videos of the event or the slide deck? – You will never ‘get’ everything on the day and having this information to review afterwards is well worth it – even if you have to upgrade your ticket or pay extra.

After the event

Make sure you follow up with anybody you talked to and swapped details. Double make sure you do anything you promised.

Be in the top 1%

  • 90% of people who buy courses, attend seminars, even the paid ones, on average, never take any action. Dont waste these opportunities.
  • Of that maybe 5% will still be making use of the advice or techniques 6 months on.
  • So you need to be in the top 1% and you can do that by simply learning something and applying it in your business.

The math is not exact because the stats differ, but the overall numbers are always the same. – ask any successful coach.

So this is why there are so many events

The final figures showing the poor adoption rate. Too many people buy a product, fail to use it, get more desperate, but another, fail to use that and loop around forever.

For those curious

  • The photo is taken from Expert Empires. An event organised by Nick James and featured Grant Cardone’s first UK visit (who is better face to face).
  • And to answer the next question, yes – I found three people’s presentations useful to the extent I purchased their upgrade offers and will, therefore, have 11 further days of education, seminars and training for around £1,200 spent. – including the event admission fee.