Why Beta launch – 3 months earlier than full release?

We aim to be one of the main sources of WordPress ideas and information for Business Owners and those that support them. Most of our team have been involved with internet marketing and software development for over 5 years. Personally, I have been a software developer for 30 years.

Although there are a few exceptions, most long term success does not happen overnight. It is a progression of small steps, with hopefully the odd big break thrown in. You make your own luck on the internet and people will always remember your key post, not the twenty others which did not hit the mark so exactly. So starting earlier will give use a jump start with content and a history.

Google SEO loves a long term commitment, so as soon as we completed the idea and the basic structure, it made sense to start producing. This gives us a chance to hone our skills, to basically practice some techniques which we would not want to do when we have thousands of followers. Some interesting data had already been produced with test blogs last year and then we realised that such experiments should be employed on the main site.

The switch from a full-time software development and support team to one of an information provider has been harder than we imagined. Firstly, old customers were frustrated that we would not offer them 24/7 support anymore, even at twice the price. Personal circumstances mean I have committed to looking after my elderly parents. Their needs now trump all others. Although we need a schedule of regular content and information to be produced, we can write much of this in advance and so create a buffer of content to break the direct link between creation and delivery. The other members of the team also have jobs and commitments of their own, so a longer term schedule makes sense for all of us.

Many ideas work well in the board room and as a discussion over drinks. not all of them will deliver the required results when you put them into practice the next day. It also takes practice to perfect your ‘voice’ or style. However clever you may be at creating or finding the rules to apply for great content. it still takes practice and dedication to create them on a regular basis. you soon find yourself with a lot of admiration for guest bloggers. This should not put off small business owners looking to blog for their business. It is far easier to blog the merit of an issue for a specific product or idea, which we do here often with product reviews. Taking the concept up a level to generalise and still offer value is where we find the harder posts to create.

The last surprise has been the number of holes in my complete understanding of so many things. When you develop and support WordPress, a subject too big for anyone, you find that understanding comes from necessity. You learn things you need, often just when the question is asked.  Questions are often left unanswered when you can avoid needing to know.  Reviewing products is a need to know basis, but when you move on to mini training sessions, you need to be pretty much the expert on all issues.

So the final question is do you enjoy it. I preciously guard each minute with my parents. I love the distraction and challenge of this project. The two work well. There is a great feeling of accomplishment for each and for that I am very grateful. Comments, likes and follows give me great comfort. May both continue for many years to come.