Why I love Updraft Plus Migration add-on

The updraft plugin is in my view, the best tool for WordPress backups and it has a library of premium upgrades available. The one I use most and recommend the most is the Migrator. This allows you to move data from one site and install it on a new URL with Migrator doing all the clever conversion of the URL’s for you.

It also has a live link type facility where one site can send the information directly to an installation on another site.


Where I use this tool

Regular Database backups

I find it easier and quicker to backup my sites content files using FTP (or better sFTP if available). With the speed of my cable internet. Filezilla can be used to download the plugins directory when I update one, the same for themes and also my uploads directory. I know when these files have changed because I have o take an action to change them, For the database backup I use Updraft Plus. it is set to backup every 8 hours because data can be added to the database that I did not do: – Forms can be filled, any orders that have been taken, comments left etc. The database backup is copied to my dropbox.

Migration between hosts

This tool, which is licenced to me, not one site, is also excellent when you want to move a website from one host to another, even sorting out any change in domain name along the way. its live transfer allows the updraft plugins on the two sites to share a key and then talk directory to each other to copy the files. You can choose to copy, data, uploads, plugins and /or themes.

Backup / Test / Demo site

Need to make a copy of your site to demonstrate a new plugin or theme. The migrator plugin makes it easy to copy over the site and change the URL to test.yourdomain,.com or whatever you have set it up with. It is the same as Migration between hosts and very quick to setup.

This video shows setting up a new site and migrating the data from an existing site. It takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

Standard Backups

It still has all the back facilities of the standard produce. If you want any of the additional features, they can be purchased separately, or you can go pro and get all the features in one.