Will you keep those resolutions?

There are many tasks that we really need to keep on top of when marketing on the internet. Google and social media will not forgive you for missing deadlines, they will drop you quickly and carry on promoting others instead. The most important feature of internet marketing is not quantity, it is frequently. Please don’t just use that an excuse to keep reposting old content, like I see on so many ‘so called’ expert sites. If content is over 6 months old and has not been updated, it is useless.

Those that said they will tweet every day may already be failing as today is a bank holiday and many will not yet be back to work. (Google does not recognise holidays!)

So, after making resolutions for what you will be doing, I consider you should perhaps throttle back a little and reduce your targets to something that is easily manageable, so that by February, you are still keeping up the schedule.

If you have not been doing many social media work in the past, then just reduce it to one article a week. Share one retweet that is interesting each day. The same with Facebook and any other social accounts you have. If you have a social account where you are unable to think of content, then drop it, for now, You can return and add that after you have your existing accounts working regularly.

  • Create yourself a list of no more that 10 sources of content that you consider worth sharing with your customers. make time to review these each day and not which you share and where.
  • As part of this process, you should also take the time to check your social media stats and website stats so you can see which actions bring more visitors and benefit to the site.
  • Don’t leave your content creation to the last minute. Most savvy marketers will create their content ahead of time and try to have a 3 or 4 posts already written and waiting to be released. If something suddenly comes up, yu have backup ideas ready. If an interesting thing which you want to comment upon, happens, you simply write about that and leave the other content for next time.