Woocommerce Updates Again

Woocommerce 3.0 was a major update and even after all the testing, there are still more issues being found. Woocommerce 3.0.4 has now been released.

This is not so surpising when you consider that Woocommerce has more plugins developed to be used with it then any other system apart from WordPress it’s self.

We have also seen a release of WordPress 4.7.4. which has addressed 47 bugs.

Because of the major changes of Woocommrce 3.0, our advice remains that you should check your installation on a separate test site with all the plugins and WordPress updated. Look out for changes with layout and go through a complete purchase process. If you are happy with the results, then update your live site.

We are not aware on any major issues with Woocommerce, or any of the main plugins, but we have seen quite a few people with layout CSS issues.

Haters and detractros may take this as a sign of weakness, but this is a sign of strength. When updates are released, thousands, even tens of thousands of differenet sites will update. For WordPress core, millions. Thousands of developers will check code they use and those that see even theoretical issues, will report and help find a solution. The speed at which these fixes can be rolled out is far faster than the majority of commercial software. But then, it should be, the size of the theoretical team of programmers that support WordPress could challange that of Microsoft or Google.