WordPress 4.7.5 is here – Time to upgrade

A new version of WordPress is here, time to backup and update. It fixes a new bug and some possible holes to hackers to try and exploit.

  • WordPress is open source, so not only is the code freely available for everyone to view, we also have all the fixes and updates openly shared.
  • You can see the six security issues that were fixed, and we even have thanks for people involved in reporting them.
  • There is a list of all the files that have been changed
  • You can choose to download the latest work in progress to check it out. If you are a plugin developer this is very useful when you believe an update will change the way your code works.

Remember: Considering the 6 million websites using WordPress, very few are ever hacked. However, the majority that I see reported are due to sites not being updated to repair bugs and discovered exploit holes in Plugins, Themes or WordPress Core. So please take your backup and then update your WordPress Site today.

Updating WordPress takes less than a minute and just two clicks!

So concerned about the issue of updates, many WordPress hosting companies are now forcing the update process on sites, after a warning email or two. It is better to make a backup and do the update yourself. That way you will know immediately that the upgrade was successful.