Where are you on your WordPress journey?

Where ever you are with your WordPress Experiences, we are all on the same evolutionary movement. It is only since taking the WP Business Club into the virtual world, that it all starts to make sense.

You start as a child and depend on others to design your site, host it, even to create and add the content.

One day you start wanting to make your own content. Maybe it is the thrill of doing it yourself, or just the cost of paying somebody to write a few paragraphs. However it happens, you have now certainly started your journey with WordPress.

There will come a time when you find you can not do exactly what you want. Maybe your content does not fit like you want, or you have seen other sites use pop-up video boxes. You want your site to be that clever too. This is often when you start a new stage in your life with WordPress. You are now interested in what a new theme and new plugins can do to make your site work better and smarter.

For many, this new knowledge will make for a complete and fulfilled life with WordPress. But there are more exciting things to learn for the curious.

You could stop thinking of the website as an information source for your customers and start to consider it as a sales machine. Site analytics, Search Engine Optimisation, sales landing pages, email marketing and retargeting pixels await you. Multi-million-pound businesses have sprung from just supplying to this area.

If you have a flare for the design aspect, you could find yourself tinkering with some CSS styling, then a child theme of your own.  Eventually, you start designing your own WordPress themes. Initially for yourself and maybe then for others too. Short of a solution to a design idea? Many are happy to post and share the latest trick they discovered. Maybe you will too when you have cracked it.

Those that have turned their hand to the logic of programming may well decide that the plugins they find do not perform as they really would like. Soon they are making their own WordPress Plugins. The very best could one day be contributing to the WordPress Core code and talking at WordCamps. Amazingly, many of those that have already made their own will share how they did it.

Wherever you are on this road, and whichever way you go, even if you are happy where you are, you can be assured that you are part of a community of tens of millions of people who take WordPress as their tool to communicate on the web.

One thing is certain. There will always be people ahead of you, who will help you on your way when the going is hard. People behind you who will be grateful when you just make a simple suggestion to help them out. Others at the same stage as you who will want to share their experience with you. In this cut-throat, capitalist world, you will find few directly threaten your position but many happy to help you through your day. Open source and sharing become a state of mind, but you can charge for your secrets when the time is right.